The Underwater Photographer

The Underwater Photographer

Mr. member starts his morning by preparing for a new challenge with wheat.

These days, he says he goes out to the sea almost every day.

I can’t catch it well age Like a child, I finish the equipment check with a heart full of excitement.

And then I left the house in rain.

The place that I arrived at was a full-scale skin scuba diving agreement with Chin Chin near Pohang.

I start preparing, from packing my equipment to putting on a suit.

But there are things I don’t wear in all of these processes.

Not only the people who do scuba diving at Museum again but also the members receive a lot of affection.


Today, I plan to stay on the island all day and continue diving.

I meet up to a depth of 20m and I have a free time of up to 40 minutes Before diving, expert judgment and assistance are essential.

This is because you never know what might happen in the water, and when you are alone when you are in a dangerous situation.

You need a mate who will hold you by your side and help you.

I check the complete details.

Other creatures, boats, or divers control any of these things, what kind of flaw I will do some products behind the scenes.

I jump into the arms of the sea with a bit of tension and excitement.

When I go into the water of an unknown depth, it opens up to a completely different world.

Jeju sea is all in anti-war charm

Oh, I am amazed when I start working in the manufacturing sea this year.

Oh, it is so pretty even if we get it


Why do we need to know this now?

Ah, now that I think about it, the greed of wanting to take more pictures of pretty children in the sea above is difficult.

Also, there are children who like to be on rocks, and in the case of me, we went to a place where such children could ride, so you have to take a picture of children less than 1cm from the beginning, so you have to look very delicately.

If you look very delicately and carefully while striking, at some point children can find the subject even if it is the subject.

It’s too difficult to hold this lens like this.

Let’s do it.

In the sea, roller coaster of silent emotions, each cardmember, in the end, leads to a feeling of Will mean There are no existences, and there is a feeling and a call about danger.

What is surprising is that there is no emotion conveyed by those little things.