Story of Scuba

Story of Scuba

I don’t think you’ll be very good here.

I borrowed some tentacles.

It’s a must-have item for an autonomous district to really stand out.

Uh, actually, I didn’t like the sea back then.

I had a phobia of water since I was very young.

You work 4 people can call everyone.

That was a bit of a challenge.

I have a water phobia or not.

Story Scuba always fits well, and I found something I like in it, so now I have a phobia of water, so I’ll talk about it later.

I think it’s been 30 years since I started.


Act is different.

I think I made a very good choice in a few pants in my life, but one of them was to choose the psychiatrist.

I am so happy that I can see them happy with the help, and that I was able to live my life as a punishment.

Write it down I actually came from a psychiatrist and when I heard that I was an underwater photographer, the time I spent as a psychiatrist in that zone was difficult?

Oh, I felt that I had matured a lot through those people.

So, rather, I had one psychiatrist, and I think that it was a process of becoming more mature.

I think you can say that it was good.

The part that hurts people the most is relationships.

Relationships with people.

Because it works, when I quit the psychiatric chair now, I want to say goodbye in a very healthy way.

I was in the middle of consulting about a certain first part.

But then, the color is perfect.

But the patient heard that he was very good at it.

I was thinking of a healthy breakup.

Did those times overlap?


Now is the time to retire.

When I was convinced that it didn’t take long to make the decision for the second act of my life.

It was worthwhile to communicate with the little creatures in the sea.

I want to live Once I have been recognized as a work of art.

How can I not talk about it compared to the joy of healing a patient with a psychiatric degree of 4?

The joy of being separated as one person is the joy of sharing.

We are the perfect ones, and the taste of life is different.

It is also a process of finding a different life or a completely different joy.